The Indian Journal of Software Engineering and Project Management (IJSEPM) has ISSN 2582-8339 (online) which is an online, open access🔗peer reviewed🔗, periodical half yearly international journal. This journal is published by Lattice Science Publication (LSP)🔗 in the months of January and July.

This journal uses two types of publication category:

  1. Regular Issue: Article (s) that receive directly from the author (s) will be eligible to further process for the regular issue of the journal.
  2. Special Issue: Article (s) that receive directly from the either conference organizer or institution will be eligible to further process for the special issue of the journal.

Both categories of the publication (Regular and Special) will be published by following terms and conditions:

  • Plagiarism Check: Good quality plagiarism software/ tool (Turnitin / iThenticate) will be used to check similarity (see plagiarism policy) that would not be more than 20% including reference section. In the case of exclusion of references, it should be less than 5%.
  • Quality Check: All submitted paper should be cutting edge, result oriented, original paper and under the scope of the journal. Article should have minimum of following headings: Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methodology, Result and Discussion, Conclusion and References. For more details, please see Journal Template
  • Paper Submission Criteria: Any one author cannot submit more than 10 papers for the same volume/issue.
  • Review Criteria: This journal uses double-blind Peer Review Policy which means that both the reviewer (s) and author (s) identities concealed throughout the review process. All submitted manuscripts reviewed by three reviewer. The review comments of the reviewer (s) to be subject of acceptance and rejection of the paper that to be finally decided by Editor-In-Chief of the journal. For it, minimum of 02 to 03 weeks required for review process.
  • eCopyright: Corresponding author of the paper will submit ecopyright to the Journal/ Lattice Science Publication (LSP).
  • Final Paper Submission: Camera Ready Paper (Final Paper) should be prepared as per the reviewer comments.  It is please noted that:
    • all author profile along with photo (minimum of 100 word) has been included in the final paper.
    • final paper is prepared as per Journal Template.
    • contents of the paper are fine and satisfactory. Author (s) can make rectification in the final paper but after the final submission to the journal, rectification/withdraw is not possible.
  • Copyright Property: After the publication, published paper (s) will be property of publishing house and journal.
  • Publication Fee: Journal is providing open access (OA) services for author (s) and institution (s). Journal does not take any kind of fee from the author (s). 
  • Article Publication Charge (APC): The Article Publication Charge (APC) of the article is taken by publication house ‘Lattice Science Publication’ after acceptance of the article. For more details, please read Article Publication Charge Policy (APC)
  • Required Time for Endorsement: It will take minimum of 02 to 03 weeks.
  • Indexing in database: The entire process of inserting any article into a specialized indexing and abstracting database (for example – Scopus) is done by their team. Neither the journal nor the publishing house has any involvement in the decision to accept or reject an article from the Indexing and Abstracting Database and does not affect the processing time of the article. For more details, please visit indexing section.